XMark Fitness Commercial 7' Olympic Voodoo Bar

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XMark Fitness Commercial 7' Olympic Voodoo Bar

The XMark 7’ Commercial Olympic VOO DOO Bar has a tensile strength of 185,000 psi with moderate flex making it a great performance bar. XMark’s commercial rated VOO DOO Bar is the ultimate performance bar. A high quality shaft coating adds to the longevity of the bar.

The shaft coating on XMark’s VOO DOO Bar is black manganese phosphate which provides better rust resistance than black oxide while also giving the bar shaft a slightly tacky feel. The medium depth fine knurling is dual spec with IWF and IPF knurling marks. When the coating and knurling are combined, this bar allows for a superior, firm grip minus the sharp, cheese grater knurling.

The chrome sleeves rotate freely on self-lubricating brass alloy bushings and are secured to the bar using a dual snap ring system. This system is designed to ensure the sleeves never detach from the shaft. XMark delivers a high-end commercial bar with superior tensile strength.

  • A 5-STAR STAPLE OF ANY HOME GYM. Over built for performance, under priced for everyone.
  • Superior tensile strength of 185,000 PSI with moderate flex and a 1500 lb. weight capacity.
  • Crafted using a heat treated alloy steel and a snap ring lock system, the VOODOO bar offers ultimate performance for Olympic and power lifting routines.
  • Black manganese phosphate shaft - High quality bars only use Black Manganese Phosphate. How does Manganese Phosphate compare to Black Oxide and Zinc Phosphate? Of the numerous phosphate coating available, manganese phosphate coatings are the hardest, while providing unbeatable corrosion and abrasion protection. Black Oxide, as the name implies, is an iron oxide film. Zinc phosphate is a lighter alternative to manganese phosphate.
  • Steel sleeve with brass bushings

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