Rewards Program for our Customers

With more and more manufacturers instituting MAP policies (Minimum Advertised Price), we are constantly finding new clever ways to reward our customers with the best pricing available. Many products you can simply ask for a better price and we will email you back using the “Request a Lower Price “ button or hit us up on Chat! Sadly, even that has become an issue for some of our manufacturers oddly enough since we have been doing it for two decades!

Starting today we have developed a Rewards Program. All orders will include a pre-set number of points earned simply for purchasing your equipment with us. You can then use those acquired points directly to purchase more equipment down the road when a healthy number of points have been acquired.

Listen, of course there is a bunch of details you can read about on the site but long story short, It’s a great way to earn free equipment for purchasing equipment you were already going to purchase. Every 10 points gives you $20 in purchasing power. You can see how many points a given purchase is worth on very bottom of the final payment page, (before you pull the trigger). This info will also be available on the product page soon enough!

So, Enjoy the rewards and to get you started help yourself to a 5% discount using the coupon code 5OFFTODAY. That coupon works on 90% of our products. Sadly, some products just have little to no meat on the bone to be able to offer any discount at all!

Stay Fit, Stay Healthy!
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