Powertec Workbench Multi Press WB-MP20 w/Isolatoral Arm

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Powertec Leverage Multi Press WB-MP20
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Powertec Leverage Multi Press with Isolateral Arms WB-MP20 accepts all Workbench Machine Accessories

The Powertec Leverage Multi Press WB-MP20 is the ultimate machine for any workout. Because Leverage machines provide the safest method of weight training available, you are able to load the lever arm and train to your maximum limit. The Powertec Leverage Multi Press WB-MP20 has been proven that the barbell press has its negatives. Barbell training is unstable and can be dangerous. With the Leverage press machine you never have to be concerned. The lever eliminates the balance issues involved with a barbell. The exercise is always controlled. The bench section incorporates the patented linkage system that allows for multiple positions with back support. Order your Powertec Leverage Multi Press WB-MP20 from FitnessFactoryOutlet.com today!

The Leverage Advantage:
The lever arm drives the exercises. Weight plates are loaded directly onto the lever arm which simply replaces the barbell thus providing the natural feel and resistance of free weight with the safety and control of a machine.

Patented bench linkage system:
The Multi Press incorporates a patented linkage mechanism that allows for the bench section to pivot from the front to the rear locked position with ease for the purpose of the shoulder press exercise and to provide front stability support for all available accessories. In addition the rear position is used to save space when the machine is not in use.



Choosing the right piece of exercise equipment is an important investment in your health and should not be taken lightly. The Powertec Leverage Multi Press WB-MP20 will help you achieve a rapid path to physical fitness and the body you really want. The Powertec Leverage Multi Press WB-MP20 allows you to strengthened every part of your body for the way you want to live. Please feel free to call 1-877-336-7483 to chat with one of our friendly advisors with any questions you may have about the Powertec Leverage Multi Press WB-MP20. Order the Powertec Leverage Multi Press WB-MP20 from FitnessFactoryOutlet.com today and start your journey to a bigger, faster and stronger body.








Order Your Powertec Leverage Multi Press WB-MP20 Today from FitnessFactoryOutlet.com

Reviewed by Steve C, 12/10/2016

Finally, a true commercial quality piece of equipment at a very affordable price. I was preparing to purchase this bench through Amazon, but after Google-ing to research this item before making a purchase sight unseen, I ended up finding it cheaper here - with free shipping and a discount code! The bench took just under a week to arrive and was shipped in two, very well packed, very large and very heavy boxes (over 90lbs each). When I opened the boxes I was immediately surprised by how much assembly was already done and how heavy duty and high quality all the parts and hardware were. This thing is build LIKE A TANK! All the nuts, bolts and washers are shrink wrapped on cardboard and clearly labeled with numbers that correspond to the assembly diagram as well as the number of how many of each part there should be. They even included two allen wrenches as well. You will need a few different sized wrenches and or a crescent wrench to complete assembly. I assembled the bench, by myself, in less than 90 minutes, and I took my time. The manual doesn't have many actual instructions, but the diagrams in conjunction with the excellent identification and labeling of each part made assembly extremely easy. I feel certain I could have completed the assembly with no instructions at all, but the labeled parts made it very simple, quick and fool proof.

Functionality of the piece. The movement and solid feel of the sliding bench assembly is excellent and above all expectations. The movement of the "lifting arms" is extremely smooth and again, very sturdy and heavy duty feeling. The large sealed cartridge bearings will almost certainly out-live any owner. This thing was built way over spec! The range of exercises one could perform on this bench is amazing. In fact, I feel I will have this equipment for some time before I exhaust all the possible exercise ideas I can run through on this thing. The movements and ranges of motion are excellent and surprisingly natural feeling. The ability to do iso-lateral movements for dumbbell type lifts or use the solid bar for Olympic bar type movements is really nice. With the solid bar attachment that comes with it, you can even do close grip bench presses and bicep curls. I can say without reservation, that I will not be wanting for anything more for doing my chest, shoulder and back workouts. In closing and for what it's worth, I am an olf, over 50, ex-power lifter who has always hated machines and crappy home quality equipment. This piece of equipment has changed my perception of that for good. I highly recommend this to anyone who, like myself, wants to train as heavy as possible, without the need for a spotter or workout partner. You will be very please and impressed with this piece of equipment, and you will train safely and efficiently for years to come.

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