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Powertec Workbench Levergym WB-LS19 

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The WB-LS19 Workbench LeverGym®features a Newly Designed Workbench, Bench Frame, it allows users to adjust the seating area by sliding the Seat Assembly on it’s Sealed Bearings Carriage. The New Backrest can be adjusted at different settings and still provide added stability. The Isolateral Arms can be used independently or locked together andbe used as Conventional Bench Press Arms.

Matted Paint Finish

The new systems feature a Matted Paint Finish, the Frozen look like colors give thesystem an added special look.  As on the Workbench Muli-System Powertecintroduces the LeverGym® in Two Color Combinations where customers have the option of choosing their Color Combinations and Mix and Match from Matted Powertec Yellow and Matted Black colors.

Upholstery Pads

  • TwoTone Color Pads except on All Black color systems. 

A new design is not the only thing that makes the Powertec Workbench Leverage Gym WB-LS19 different from the rest. Over 20 of the best and most effective classic strength training exercises built into this gym to work every muscle group to its maximum providing precise function. The Powertec Leverage Gym WB-LS19 incorporates a lock and load removable bench section opening up the lever area for power exercises such as squats, shrugs and rows. The bench has wheels for easy in and out access and includes handlebars for gripping during leg exercises. The Powertec Workbench Leverage Gym WB-LS19 series gives you that powerful, rugged feeling when you train. After all, training is "work", and these systems provide the proper tools to cut, shape and build your body. So prepare to work hard, sweat a bit and have some serious fun with the Powertec Workbench Leverage Gym WB-LS19 from Powertec.

WB-LS-19 Workbench Leverage Gym Since introducing the “Isolateral Arms” system in 2011 and to continue to provide with advance performance products, for 2014 Powertec has redesigned the “Isolateral Arms”. New for 2015 the Workbench Leverage Gym features redesigned “Isolateral Arms” that provide symmetrical and biomechanical performance.  The Workbench Leverage Gym also features a new accessory support plate located on the inside of the bench frame accessory receiver tube, it is designed to secure all Powertec accessories. The new accessory support plate is an added feature to All Powertec Workbench Frames. 

Powertec Workbench Leverage Gym WB-LS19 Creates the Perfect Training Tool 

The first step in the development of leverage machines was to pick the most effective free-weight exercises. Powertec Workbench Leverage Gym WB-LS16 has an engineered frame-and-bench structure to put the user into the correct position, and a lever arm with a fulcrum was built into the frame. The lever arm has a certain length, and the pivot was set at a particular height in order to duplicate the precise arc, or range of motion, that you work through with the barbell. Weight plates can be loaded near the hand grips to re-create the same natural resistance you experience with a barbell or dumbbell. There are no cables, pulleys, cams or friction. The result is quite simple and basic: The lever arm replaces the barbell while ensuring control and safety. It's the perfect combination of free weight and machine.

Faster Gains With Powertec Leverage.  Powertec Fitness Leverage Machines have successfully produced accelerated gains in overall muscular size and strength. The Powertec Fitness Workbench Leverage Gym WB-LS19  can do that because the machine provides the same natural gravity forces as a barbell or dumbbell. That type of raw, pure resistance is the most effective means of force against the muscle. We know free-weight training works, but, as discussed above, it has limitations. Leverage machines, because they safely control the exercise at all times, allow you to push the muscle to total failure. That's the reason leverage is the superior form of anaerobic strength training and why thousands of bodybuilders and pro athletes use these machines every day.

Fitness Factory Outlet is proud to carry a large selection of Powertec fitness equipment, home gyms, leverage equipment, power racks, functional trainers and fitness accessories. Call 1-877-336-7483 and let one of our fitness gurus help you choose the right piece of equipment that will help you achieve a rapid path to good health, physical fitness and the body you really want. Order your Powertec from FitnessFactoryOutlet.com today! and get in the best shape of your life. Powertec Fitness Equipment carries a great warranty.  Call Fitness Factory Outlet at 1-877-336-7483 for today's best price! We will get you the best package price on Powertec Fitness Equipment!  Customers Love Us...Check out our reviews.

Model No WB-LS19
Accessorize Yes
Isolateral Function Yes
Dimension (L x W x H) (inches) 81.4" x 57.5" x 81.7"

Powertec Workbench Leverage Gym WB-LS19 Features

Total Body Training 
Over 20 of the best and most effective classic strength training exercises built into one gym. Work every muscle group to reach your maximum potential!

The LeverGym™ Advantage
The lever arm drives the exercises. Weight plates are loaded directly onto the lever which simply replaces the barbell and provides the natural feel and resistance of free weight with the safety and control of a machine.

Power Lifting Access
The LeverGym™ incorporates a lock and load removable bench section opening up the lever area for power exercises such as squats, shrugs and rows. The bench has wheels for easy in and out access and includes handlebars for gripping during leg exercises.

Improved Safety

Standard foot plate increases its rigidity both while at-use or at-rest positions.

Build Your Workbench Accessories
An access tube and knob lock pin have been incorporated into the LeverGym™ providing the new “Workbench Machine Accessories” to be added to your gym.

Order your Powertec Workbench Multi System WB-LS19 from FitnessFactoryOutlet.com today!

Reviewed by Kevin , 06/07/2017

Powertec WB-LS14
Well, after 6 months of heavy use, I am pleased to say it meets or exceeds all expectations. I fully recommend this machine to anyone wanting to combine free-weight lifting with "no spotter needed" safety.

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