In Home Assembly

When you choose In-Home Assembly as an option (if applicable) with your product , we will make all arrangements on your behalf and we will pay the installers directly for this service. In addition, we will do our best to have the installation done as soon as possible but it may take 3-7 days after the delivery of your product to have the installation completed. This local installation company will bring the product in from your garage or storage ( product must be stored until assembly company comes to assemble it) and complete all assembly in the room of your choice. The room of your choice cannot involve more than one flight of stairs. In the event that your assembly and delivery does not fit the criteria above, it still may be possible for the assembly to be completed, but additional charges will apply.

The above service is for one piece of cardio equipment and does not include multiple stairs. Please call us at: 877-336-7483 or email us at  for multiple items, upstairs delivery and/or weight machine assembly pricing.

Please Note:

When you choose In-Home Assembly as an option with your product, you must have somewhere to store the machine once it is delivered because assembly does not happen on the same day as the delivery nor is is done by the delivery company. The assembly company will come after the product has been delivered which can be 3 to 7 days later.