Benefits of Vibrations Therapy

Weight Loss

More than 250 million Americans are overweight and the number of obesity related deaths is on the rise. Costing our healthcare system more than $190 billion annually, the rate of obesity is growing at an alarming rate. Several other medical concerns are also attributed to being overweight, such as diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Genetics can play a role in a person’s weight but the majority of overweight people are overweight because of dietary and lifestyle habits. Reducing the amount of soda and fatty fried foods being consumed, can go a long way in helping to reduce ones weight. Reducing our dependency on the automobile can also reduce a person’s weight, as we are too accustomed to driving everywhere instead of walking. Even sleeping habits can dramatically alter a person’s weight. Every hour of lost sleep causes the body to produce more of the Ghrelin hormone, which makes a person feel hungry, and less of the hormone Leptin, which makes a person feel full.

Exercise is crucial for reducing weight and the exercise must be in many forms to be effective. People require aerobic exercise to increase heart rate, which burns calories. But people also need to improve their lymphatic system to help rid the body of built up toxins, which can hinder their weight loss plans. Improving ones blood circulation also helps to increase and balance hormone levels in the body. Strength training exercises can also help, as muscle burns more energy and calories, speeding up the weight loss goals.

Whole body vibration machines play a key role in helping with an individual’s weight loss goals, as they can provide sufficient exercise to burn calories, while at the same time they can be used to increase muscle strength. The correct vibration machine can also improve one’s lymphatic drainage system and at the same time the machine can be very beneficial for increasing blood circulation.

Multiple Sclerosis

Affecting over 2.5 million people worldwide, MS is a very debilitating disease which disrupts how signals are sent and received between the brain and the nervous system. For many sufferers, there are few symptoms. As for many others the symptoms are very severe. MS is a progressive autoimmune disease, which means it gets worse with time.

The myelin coating surrounding nerve cells breaks down in people with MS, leaving scars on the nerve cells, which is where the disease gets its name. The cause is unknown, and there is no cure, though there has been much research performed on the disease.

Certain new pharmaceutical companies have released medications which can prolong the onset of symptoms for some people. However, many of these medications can have severe side effects for people.

According to the National MS Society, exercise is a great way to help manage the symptoms of MS. Vibration training can also be very helpful as it can provide improved muscle strength, reduce fatigue, generate more positive emotional attitudes and increase the possibility of more participation in other physical activity. Exercise for people with MS should be done in such a way as to minimize exposure to overheating, which is very well suited to whole body vibration machines. Dual motion machines are well suited candidates of machines as they can provide the necessary strength training, and they can also provide the recommended oscillating movements which helps with stretching and balance issues.


Though cellulite is something none of us want, it is very common. More than 80% of all women have cellulite they wish they didn’t have. Though cellulite is nothing more than normal fat beneath the skin, and is not an indication of any medical concern, millions of dollars are spent each year by people in hopes of getting rid of it.

When fat builds up under the skin it can press against connective tissues just below the skin and this causes the puckering of the skin, which we call cellulite. One doesn’t have to be overweight to have cellulite, though people who exercise regularly do not exhibit cellulite as often as people who are overweight.

There are plenty of creams and lotions to ward of the effects and there are even injections that can breakdown the fat to help alleviate unsightly cellulite. Some people even resort to liposuction in hopes of getting rid of it.

Exercise and proper hydration are the best methods to ward off unsightly cellulite. In the past few years, many people have turned to whole body vibration as a more effective and more natural way to fight cellulite. Vibration machines can help in many ways. They increase circulation and they can also increase lymphatic drainage, which is the body’s way of removing toxins and broken down fat cells. Whole body vibration can also stimulate a desire to exercise which is the best preventive method. Multi motion Level 3 type machines tend to work best to combat cellulite as users require both high speed low amplitude motions as well as low speed high amplitude movements.


Arthritis literally translates to “joint inflammation”. Which is the best way to describe this disease which affects over 52 million Americans. The last time there was nationwide study performed on the costs of treating arthritis, it was estimated that we spend $128 Billion dollars a year treating arthritis.

There are many forms of arthritis, roughly 200 different types, ranging from Gout to Lupus, however, osteoarthritis is the most common form of this progressive disease. For many people arthritis causes the joints to become inflamed, causing severe pain, reducing mobility and lowering the opportunity to exercise. Unfortunately exercise is one the best ways to ward off the onset of arthritis, and it has been noted that there is a direct correlation between a high BMI value and the risk of having arthritis.

Low impact, low stress physical activity is highly recommended for treating arthritis, and this can actually reverse its effects. Multi motion vibration machines that can offer low speed, low impact oscillating movement is well suited for treating arthritis since they are effective at helping to reduce the persons BMI, and improving the body’s lymphatic system. Additionally these multi motion machines can also be used for high speed low amplitude motion, which is well suited for building muscle and maintaining strength. This is very beneficial since many people with arthritis also suffer from muscle atrophy, since they don’t exercise due to the pain associated with traditional weight bearing exercises such as walking or running.


Approximately 5 million Americans suffer from Fibromyalgia, at a cost of $20 Billion annually. Women are 8 times more likely than men to be diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Considered to be a neurological disorder, fibromyalgia is a condition where patients have ongoing chronic pain throughout the entire body, for apparently no reason. The central nervous system perceives many various nerve signals as pain signals. People with the disease also are very sensitive to any forms of pressure on the body and often also suffer from depression in many cases.

There is no known cure for the disorder, and the underlying cause is still to be determined, but genetic and environmental factors may be associated with the disease. Several different kinds of pain relief medication exist for treating the symptoms of fibromyalgia, with varying degrees of effectiveness. Obesity and lack of physical exercise may also raise the risk of developing fibromyalgia.

Exercise is highly recommended for people suffering with fibromyalgia and should encompass stretching routines, strength training, isometric workouts and these exercise levels should be moderate in nature and include flexibility regimens as well. Multi motion whole body vibration machines can play an integral role in the exercise requirements of people suffering from fibromyalgia, as the correct vibration machines offer many if not all of the necessary exercise parameters that are needed.


Osteoporosis affects approximately 10 -18 Million Americans and that number is increasing every year. Caucasian and Asian women over the age of 55 are the most susceptible to contracting the disease, though it can also affect teenagers. Osteoporosis is a condition where the bones become brittle and lose their density. Typically with healthy individuals, bone material is constantly being regenerated with older dead bone tissue being discarded. When the rate of decay exceeds the rate of renewal, osteoporosis has onset.

Though there are many medications available for treating the disease, many of these can have very strong side effects. There are also many commonly used medications, such as heartburn medication and anti-depression medication which can actually bring about the onset of osteoporosis, along with many hormone treatments. The typical American diet is very high in salt, and too much salt can have detrimental effects on bone density as well. Other common dietary concerns which adversely affect bone density are alcohol and soda. Caffeine is also something that should be avoided.

Just as with many other medical concerns, exercise is one of the best treatments and can prevent and even reverse the effects of osteoporosis, along with a diet high in calcium and vitamin D. Weight bearing exercise are best, as bones respond best to the loads they are being subjected to. Traditional weight and strength exercises offer great benefits, since they are low impact and take advantage of muscles in the arms, legs, back and neck. Soft triplanar, or spiral rotational, vibration machines are well suited for treating this disease and can actually reverse its effects.


This debilitating disease affects approximately 6 million people and approximately 50,000 new cases are diagnosed in the United States each year. Several high profile individuals have recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and this has greatly increased public awareness of the disease. Not much is known about the cause of Parkinson’s, but it’s considered a neurological disorder which affects the way signals are transferred from the brain to the muscles. This disorder will often cause uncontrolled tremors and shaking. Generally speaking, the condition itself is not life threatening, however, daily life becomes more difficult to manage, as Parkinson’s can lead to falling, sexual dysfunction, loss of balance and loss of cognitive abilities, among other concerns.

There is no known cure, but there are several new medicines available to treat some of the effects of Parkinson’s. Many of these medications can have severe side effects such as hallucinations, depression, delusions and extreme pain. As the disease progresses, and its effects become more pronounced, stronger doses of medication are needed.

It is very important for people with Parkinson’s to continue to exercise and there are specific exercises that should be performed. One needs to improve balance, flexibility, circulation, posture, strength and flexibility. All of these different exercise routines can easily be performed on the correct type of whole body vibration machine. Vibration machines also add the safe ability to alter speeds of the workout automatically, which Parkinson’s patients respond favorably to.


Diabetes affects over 26 Million Americans and costs $245 Billion dollars annually to treat. Of the several forms of this disease, type 2 is the most common. This is the case where the body produces insulin, but either not enough is created or the insulin is not used properly by the body. This creates an overabundance of sugar in the blood, which can cause severe medical problems, if left untreated.

Many diabetics use medication to control the disease, however, diabetes is often a progressive disease requiring stronger and stronger medication, or the need for insulin injections. Diabetes is a disease which can be controlled with a proper diet and regular exercise. In fact, the North American diet which is high in salt and sugar is often to blame for the high number of people which suffer from this disease. In fact, just one can of soda pop per day can increase the odds of getting the disease by 22%.

Dietary changes are a great way for diabetics to reduce their dependency on medication. Beans, nuts, berries, citrus fruits and tomatoes are some of the recommended foods for diabetics. It’s often mistakenly believed that diabetics should not exercise, when in fact, exercise is the best natural way to control the disease. Strength exercises for as little as 10 minutes a day, combined with some cardio workouts can effectively control a person’s blood sugar levels. Whole body vibration machines can play an integral role in fighting off the long term effects of living with diabetes. Certain vibration machines offer users the ability to perform strength training routines which encompass the entire body, rather than only the arms or legs, as with traditional strength training regimens.

Lower Back Pain

8 out of every 10 people have had back pain in their lives at one point or another, and this is the leading cause for visits to the family doctor. Costing Americans more 85 Billion dollars annually, back pain is also the number one most reason for sick days off work.

Though the cause of back pain can be attributed to serious medical concerns such as cancer, herniated discs or sciatica, the most common cause is often simple muscle stress. These stresses can be brought on by fatigue, over exertion or bad habits. Many Americans do not receive enough exercise and this can result in back muscles which are not strong enough to cope with our daily lifestyles.

A proper exercise regimen for treating lower back pain involves many aspects. Stretching exercises combined, with strength exercis